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ICOLS 2017 - International COnference on Laser Spectroscopy

Palais des Congres, Arcachon, France, July 2 - 8, 2017

Satellite conference

Conference on ultracold ion and electron beams July 10-12, 2017, Eindhoven, the Netherlands :

Satellite Workshop

Workshop of the QTSpace Cost action, July 5, Arcachon :

Up-to-date list of invited speakers

Markus Aspelmayer Univ. Of Vienna, Austria
Kenneth Baldwin ANU, Australia
Rainer Blatt University of Innsbruck , Austria
Antoine Browaeys CNRS, LCF, Palaiseau, France
Eric Cornell JILA, Boulder, USA
Jean Dalibard CNRS, LKB, France
Kjeld Eikema Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Leonardo Fallani LENS, Italy
Ivan Favero CNRS, LMPQ, Paris, France
Francesca Ferlaino University of Innsbruck , Austria
Markus Greiner Harvard University, USA
Theodor Hansch Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
Randy Hulett Rice Univ. UCA
Marc Kasevich Stanford, USA
Hidetoshi Katori University of Tokyo, Japan
Jeff Kimble Caltech, USA
Anne L’huillier Lund University, Sweden
Arnaud Landragin CNRS, SYRTE, Paris, France
Mikhail Lukin Harvard University, USA
Yann Mayresse CNRS, CELIA, Talence, France
Ernst Rasel Univ. Hannover, Germany
Christophe Salomon CNRS, LKB, Paris, France
Jean-Michel Raimond CNRS, LKB, Paris, France
Vahid Sandoghdar MPI for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany
Pascale Senellart CNRS, LPN, Marcoussis, France
Jelena Vukovich Stanford University, USA
Jörg Warchtrup University of Stuttgart, Germany
Jun Ye JILA, Boulder, USA

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